Tiny Tanks

Tiny Tanks is a very interesting flash game about tanks, which is popular all over the world. The main reason, why this game became so popular is that because it features Multiplayer mode, where people can play together at the same time. If you are playing the game for the first time, you have to complete the simple registration and save your username and password, in order to save your achievements and play from different devices. As soon as you complete the registration, you are ready to enter the battle. You have to choose, either you enter the Single Mode game or Multiplayer Mode. I will recommend you to start with the Single Mode, in order to learn how to control your tank, kill enemies and so on.

You will also discover the Level Editor in this game, this means that you can create your own levels and then play them. You will also discover the Level Editor in this game, this means that you can create your own levels and then play them. Creating new maps is rather simple, so take your time and try to make one. Also keep in mind, that every time you complete a level or quest, you are given medals. Use this medals to buy special Powerups and make your tank even stronger and faster. Hope you will have fun, playing official full version of the Tiny Tanks game at TinyTanks.org

The controls of Tiny Tanks are simple:

[W][A][S][D]/[ARROWS] – Move
[X]/[E] – Activate Powerup.
[ENTER] – Type message
[M] – Mute Sounds

Tiny Tanks updates!

On the last couple of months there are a massive quantity of new capabilities, upgrades, and bug fixes.

New attributes:

Power-ups. Various ones work in various scenarios. They need somewhat tweaking, specially Heal that may bring about attracted out stalemates. For displaying the way bad ass you’re.
Coffee. Tiny Tanks finally comes with a nice sound track. It’s brought me quite a while to find some thing which goes well with this very small Tanks style.
In match obligations. In the event you would like to, then you can purchase any game thing with RealMoney. I am very wary about carrying this too much, Tiny Tanks wont become’cover to triumph’, and all items will probably remain around with in game money too.


The largest needs to become the re-vamped coin strategy. This has been modified by the older system to be granted coins for killing others and winning matches, to some random drop platform. The most important reason behind it is inorder to avoid players from cheating from farming kills out of one another, however, it’s other benefits too. You are no further penalised for playing with certain game fashions that used to cover less, such as Capture the Flagplaying bots can get you exactly like much gems as playing against individual players. Plus you realize it feels great once you will find a huge quantity of coins. :-RRB-
Kicking players was given a necessary progress – that they cannot only re join your own game.
Catch the Flag maps are now able to be made from the map and a brand new CTF map simplifies the older one since the default chart with this particular manner.


And some fantastic news, I am expecting a massive spike in players at the forthcoming weeks. Let them have a warm welcome!

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